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Cosmogony and gravitation - Inverse hypothesis

Since the beginning (of which never was) and prior to appearance of the first signs of the Universe in space surrounding us there was a continuous emptiness. And all so also proceeded if this emptiness had no opportunity to be divided into substance and energy.

At the first there were feeble one-dimensional perturbations of a vacuum. The most part of such perturbations collapsed back, but some perturbations had an opportunity because of higher energy to promote further in space, having occupied energy from environmental vacuum. At the end of distribution as a tribute to the generated space, these one-dimensional strings left mesons.

The flying by one-dimensional string sometimes caused desire to generate in this space a similar one-dimensional string in the same direction in which the string sample flew by due to resonating of environmental space (similar a properties of electromagnetic waves are used in the laser). Sometimes such detonating strings was two or more.

These simultaneous strings could generate a string of bigger energy together. In case of a stop of such string particles with greater energy are returned to space. Passing by elementary particles, strings provoked creation of particles with bigger mass.

As a result of repeated gains of strings (similar to parallel waves in the laser) in space the most stable particles - electrons, protons, neutrons came to light.

In case of interaction with space strings nucleons (protons and neutrons) don't undergo changes, but receive from them impulse, and, respectively, will transform energy of chaos of vacuum to energy of own movement.

Influence of chaotic strings turned into the gravitation forces pushing one congestion of the nucleones connected by nuclear or electromagnetic forces to another. As a result of a body started moving in that direction in which there are more than other bodies, their protect from action of one-dimensional strings. Decay of chaotic strings on particles in the material bodies turned into a source of growth of these bodies due to release of atomic hydrogen or enrichment of the existing atoms an additional nucleone.

Such approach to self-creation of the Universe completely rejects need of "God creator", however existence of Gods is confirmed by numerous certificates in mythology and religions. Existence of the reason not dependent on human consciousness is confirmed by opportunities of the modern ADP equipment. And the architecture of computing devices (offered still by Charles Bebidzhem) when comparing with myths (the certificates saved in the form of religions in an invariable look) directs at speculations about their compliance.

Mathematical formulas:

complex light velocity:

Formula of the Einstein with complex light velocity:
E = m * (0+ci)2

E = - m * c2

0 = E + m * c2


In the Universe there is an autocatalytic disintegration of vacuum on substance and energy. The more in any place of substance, the more it is formed. The increase in the sizes of the planet Earth is explained by it.

Gravitation possesses not attracting, but the parting forcibly nature. It corresponds to the accelerated expansion of the visible Universe.

Nicolas Fatio de Duillier
Georges-Louis Le Sage

Cosmic string
Le Sage's theory of gravitation
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