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john wheeler

If information is the underlying structure of reality, how did this process come about? If there ever was was a void, (that is a true void), with nothing in it such as matter, energy.......not even the dimensions, how could anything get started? Allowing that there was a void, and I emphasize the word "a", this allows a semantic discription to read : "there was ONE void".Meaning that the void had some starting information in it, namely that there was a "one" that an observer could attach to the particular concept. I see this as a default setting that cannot be avoided, even though it's a pretty shaky idea, how else could everything come from nothing except through some process that came from quasi-theoretical principles? So, if this one bit of imaginary information was imbedded in the void, what could cause any expression of it's presence? I propose that there was a similiarly theoretical collary to this bit and that it took the form, by our understanding, of a point. A point can be described as a dot or a circle or a sphere, and what have those things in common? They all would describe the geometric requirements to produce PI, which has the same outcome regardless of the size of the "dot". Since PI produces an endless string of information, what would happen? If information accumulated within the context of the void, eventually enough information would "code" for all the matter, energy, force fields. and etc......even the dimensions. The informational data stream would eventually code the dimensions, allowing the informational contents of the void to emerge, finally having been freed from comfinement. This could have caused the big bang. Logic would dictate that in this scenario, the dimensions would have been the last thing worked out, as all the "stuff" was released at that moment. The containment breeched, the informational black hole exploded. Yet energy(dark) continues to be produced, and in my journals I suggest why. I have several other posts in my journal concerning some of the logical extensions of this theory dealing with time, quantum (why the quantum?) mechanics, why hasn't another big bang ocured, dark energy, the evolution of logic in a pre-mathematical proto-void. I hope you can get into my journal, I'm new to this site and hope I don't have to retype every post of mine to this one. I'm stll learning to navigate the site. thanks waffler_61.
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