runnnincircles (runnnincircles) wrote in physics,

Can someone explain this...

I was playing around with a little rf detector today and I noticed something strange (the device is supposed to pick up rf frequencies in the 1MHz to 6.5GHz range). When I placed the antenna on certain parts of my skull it would go crazy beeping and flashing. I tried placing the end of the antenna in my mouth to see what would happen. As soon as I closed my mouth it beeped and flashed and then stopped immediately when I opened my mouth. I tested this many times with the same results. Not being a physics person, I was hoping someone could tell me whats going on here. I certainly dont think my head should be transmitting an rf signal, and if it is just that I am acting as a big antenna, then why does the device not behave identically when I touch it to my hand or my knee? Any thoughts?

here is a video of it

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